Niklas Christl

Filmmaker. Photographer. Storyteller.

Niklas is no stranger when it comes to the world of filmmaking and photography. With many years of industry experience, his keen eye for precision, focus, and detail have landed him jobs with numerous clients ranging from Audi to Michelin. His global experience and inspiration can be seen throughout his works, as he carefully integrates professional motion capture with his youthful energy, delivering a beautiful and unique visual experience.






A picture is worth a thousand words.

A video is worth a thousand pictures.

Videos have the ability to transport a lot of information in a short period of time. And if done right, they can trigger deep emotions within the viewer. These traits make it the most powerful marketing tool in the world.

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I put 100% into every single piece I create to assure your product is showcased the best way possible. From the initial drafts all the way through to the final edits, I am committed to making your visions a reality.


Creative approach

Maintaining the authenticity of your brand while taking a creative approach to your demands is my number one priority. Especially in todays era of online marketing it is important to tell a compelling story and stand out.


Aerial cinematography allows me to show the viewer a different perspective and is a key element to realise your vision without limitations. With many years of experience I know what it takes to capture incredible shots from the sky.


As a millennial, I know what it means to create a video that is specific to a certain digital platform. I promise to deliver content that is catered to the preferred size of the screen, digital platform, and audience.

My services consist of both video and photo projects from beginning to end.

According to your individual needs I can also be booked for single tasks.

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"Niklas is an amazing Filmmaker and Editor to work with, combining creativity and positivity with a high degree of professionalism. He not only reached our promised expectations, but surpassed them by making an outstanding documentary film about our DTM Electric project."


Head of Corporate Sponsoring & Merchandise, Schaeffler

"Working with Niklas means working in perfection: he’s always looking for the extraordinary, not only in the conception of the imagery but also in the arrangement of sounds and music. His courage for quiet moments makes every film special. Niklas not only turned our editorial storyline into pictures, but also shaped the story with ideas and emotions.”


Editorial Host, CEO awen GmbH



I have already been in the industry for almost a decade.

Picking up my first camera at the age of ten, I had a strong passion for filmmaking and photography right from the start. With help of the internet, I constantly tried to bring the craft to perfection by teaching myself key skills in storytelling, camera operation, editing and animation.

After graduating from Highschool, I took on a different route than most people. I travelled to 10 different countries for one whole year while capturing the incredible landscapes along the way. These exceptional experiences shaped my personality and inspired me to take my work to a professional level.

The relentless passion and ambition for filmmaking allowed me to work for a renowned design agency (BlackSpace), film production company (Beech Studios) and ultimately to take full responsibility for the content creation of a tuning company (ABT Sportsline) and a Formula-E driver (Daniel Abt). Simultaneously I realised a variety of freelance projects for clients in the automotive, sports, outdoors and lifestyle sector.

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Today my focus lies in creating high quality video/photo content for top brands while also inspiring other people through my social media channels.


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