Script writing



Location scouting

Shoot organization

In the first step I turn your idea into a structured plan and organize everything needed to realize it.


Professional video equipment

Camera operation

Drone operation

Creative directing

The moment when your vision comes to life. With many years of experience I know what it takes to get the shots needed to tell the story.


Video editing

Sound Design

2D Motion graphics


Color grading

This is where the magic happens. Shot by shot the video begins to evolve into a visualization of your idea, strengthened by professional color grading, sound design and animations.

I have experience creating all types of videos for my clients, including:

  • Commercials & Short Promos

  • Image videos

  • Product videos

  • Event videos

  • Video Headers and Backgrounds




Location scouting

Model casting

Shoot organization

It is all about the organization if you want to achieve perfect photos. From finding the right locations to casting models - I've got it all covered.


Camera/lighting equipment

Photo session

Model directing

The pefect photo. During the shooting I am 100% focused on capturing your idea or special moment.


Detailed photo editing

Individual color looks

Professional retouching

Nowadays post-processing is an essential step to achieve an exceptional result. With my editing skills I can fine-tune the photos exactly to your wishes. 

I have experience shooting all types of professional photos for my clients, including:

  • Commercial photography

  • Fashion photography

  • Lifestyle photography

  • Car photography

  • Event photography